s ·  screaming trees
·  name of the bands first and favorite guitar effect pedal, the screaming tree treble booster.
·  submitted on 06.02.97 by curtis page.

s ·  sisters of mercy
·  name taken from a song by leonard cohen. also based on an actual religious organization of the same name. also slang for prostitutes.
·  submitted on 05.30.97 by mikko saari.

s ·  sloan
·  named after a friend of the band. his nickname was 'slow one'. eventually they just came to know him as 'sloan'.
·  submitted on 12.12.97 by anthony elizondo.

s ·  smashing pumpkins
·  so named by a rebellious billy corgan because he thought it was an act of childish anarchy. 'smashing', however, is used the adjective sense, as in 'stupendous'. may also refer to an old joke corgan used to tell.
·  submitted on 03.18.97 by david fussell.

s ·  sneaker pimps
·  named after the groupies who pledge their allegiance to the beastie boys. so named because the groupies are sent out by the beastie boys to look for and purchase vintage converse sneakers.
·  submitted on 05.04.97 by anthony elizondo.

s ·  soundgarden
·  a soundgarden is a collection of outdoor kinetic sculptures that make music when wind passes through them. the band is named after a particular soundgarden in california.
·  submitted on 04.11.97 by anthony elizondo.

s ·  sparklehorse
·  named after the shiny horses on carousels. may also refer to motorcycles and 'iron horses'.
·  submitted on 02.17.98 by eric ackroyd.

s ·  squirrel nut zippers
·  named after an obscure brand of peanut chew known in the southern united states.
·  submitted on 05.23.97 by anthony elizondo.

s ·  steely dan
·  named after the french term for a dildo. could also refer to a particular model of sex aid seen in a catalog by the members.
·  submitted on 12.02.97 by stef butler.

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