l ·  l7
·  old slang for 'square'. think of the letters drawn together.
·  submitted on 05.10.97 by anthony elizondo.

l ·  lemonheads
·  name taken from the sweet candy of the same name.
·  submitted on 08.22.97 by anthony elizondo.

l ·  less than jake
·  The family of vinny, the drummer, owned a large dog named jake when he was younger. When his parents would go out to dinner they would bring back leftovers in a doggie bag and somehow, the kids always got less than jake.
·  submitted on 04.11.97 by anthony elizondo.

l ·  letters to cleo
·  lead singer kay hanley kept writing letters to her old friend cleo but they were never answered. all the members thought it would be the greatest message of all by naming the band 'letters to cleo'.
·  submitted on 02.09.98 by anthony elizondo.

l ·  local h
·  named after a road sign in their hometown of zion, illinois. the sign for a nearby hospital read 'local h'.
·  submitted on 04.21.97 by anthony elizondo.

l ·  luscious jackson
·  named after a basketball player with the same name, though it was pronounced differently.
·  submitted on 04.21.97 by anthony elizondo.

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