g ·  garbage
·  while butch vig and duke erikson were remixing a track for the nine inch nails when somebody walking by remarked 'what is this garbage?'. vig and erikson thought it described their sound perfectly.
·  submitted on 04.23.97 by anthony elizondo.

g ·  genesis
·  named after the book of creation, the first book of the bible, genesis.
·  submitted on 05.10.97 by anthony elizondo.

g ·  gin blossoms
·  a gin blossom is the red nose that results from burst capilarries after ingesting too much gin.
·  submitted on 04.22.97 by anthony elizondo.

g ·  green day
·  a day in which members billie joe armstrong and mike dirndt smoked marijuana was called a 'green day'.
·  submitted on 03.27.97 by anthony elizondo.

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