frequently asked questions

 "what is the rubber band?"
·  well, the rubber band is an archive of band names and their etymologies, or origins. if you want to know how a band got their name, or you know how a band got their name and want to add it to the list, you can come here.

 "how did the rubber band get its name?"
·  we suppose we could tell you it came to us in a dream, but we'd be lying through our teeth. stuff like that never happens. truthfully, we just thought it would sound cool. so, does it sound cool?

 "are you smoking gratuitous amounts of crack? i think you're dead wrong..."
·  the rubber band accepts submissions from virtually any old schmoe with internet access. that makes the archive pretty comprehensive, but it also brings all the morons out of the woodwork. we do our best to check and doublecheck all the band name origins. if you think we've made a mistake send us e-mail that details the error and points us to a semi-authoritative source. we'll look into it. and yes, i do smoke gratuitous amounts of crack.

 "why does the rubber band exist?"
·  the main reason for the rubber band's existence is our unquenchable need for useless music trivia. of course, this trivia will most likely never get us far in life unless we make it to jeopardy or something, but we collect it nonetheless.

 "does the band have to be big to be added? cause i got my own band..."
·  the primary criterion for being added to the rubber band is popularity. if a band is popular enough then people will probably be interested in it's name. how do i determine whether a band is popular or not? a good indicator seems to be cdnow and music boulevard. if the artist has a cd listed there then they're popular enough to be listed.

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