d ·  devo
·  this band name is an abbreviation for de-evolution, something that the pessimistic members of the group believe is happening to the human race.
·  submitted on 04.11.97 by brock read.

d ·  dishwalla
·  a slang term used in east india that refers to people who steal satellite feeds and sell them on the black market.
·  submitted on 04.11.97 by anthony elizondo.

d ·  doors
·  named as a tribute to the great science fiction author aldous huxley and his novel entitled "the doors of perception."
·  submitted on 05.10.97 by anthony elizondo.

d ·  duran duran
·  named after a character in the 1968 jane fonda film 'barbarella'.
·  submitted on 08.02.97 by sadie ross.

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