c ·  cabaret voltaire
·  named after the famous cafe and performance stage located in berlin, germany.
·  submitted on 05.10.98 by anthony elizondo.

c ·  catherine wheel
·  a catherine wheel is a medieval torture device. It is a wheel on which broken-boned, but living, victims are braided through the spokes. The wheels themselves are named after st. catherine, who was the first to incur their wrath.
·  submitted on 04.22.97 by anthony elizondo.

c ·  counting crows
·  named after an old english divination rhyme.
·  submitted on 03.22.97 by anthony elizondo.

c ·  cracker
·  name taken from the pejorative term for a low-class white inhabitant of the southern united states.
·  submitted on 06.02.98 by anthony elizondo.

c ·  crash test dummies
·  The lead singer, brad roberts, was struck by the immense humor of a crash test dummie, an object half-way between alive and inanimate.
·  submitted on 04.11.97 by anthony elizondo.

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