a ·  ac/dc
·  means alternating current / direct current. one of the band members remembers seeing it on a vaccuum cleaner when he was little and to him it meant power. also slang for bisexual.
·  submitted on 05.10.97 by anthony elizondo.

a ·  adam ant
·  derived from two sources. adam is taken from the first man on earth according to the bible, adam. ant is a tribute to and/or parody of the beatles. adam has also claimed the name stemmed from the word 'adamant'.
·  submitted on 04.11.97 by anthony elizondo.

a ·  afghan whigs
·  named after a hippie, peaceful, florida-based white muslim biker gang from the 60's.
·  submitted on 05.23.97 by anthony elizondo.

a ·  agent orange
·  name taken from the famous dioxin-based defoliant used by the united states military during the vietnam war. known to cause cancer.
·  submitted on 08.17.97 by anthony elizondo.

a ·  anthrax
·  named after a virulent bacteria that infected and eventually killed many cattle in europe.
·  submitted on 04.19.97 by anthony elizondo.

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